See What Matters


When it comes to manufacturing and servicing rotating equipment, Flowserve has always been the industry leader. Now we’re again taking the lead — creating new technologies to collect and analyze rotating equipment data and turn it into clear insights which oil and gas companies can act on to make their operations safer, more efficient and more profitable.

These days just about anyone can collect operational data and tell you how your pumps are performing. But Flowserve’s new offering interprets the overwhelming amount of complex equipment performance data and turns it into useful information to detect, diagnose, repair and predict a failure before it happens.

The new asset health management program by Flowserve enables plant reliability engineers, operators and maintenance personnel to know when their equipment will fail, why it will fail, and what they can do to prevent it. We deliver this through our extensive rotating equipment design and manufacturing expertise — combined with innovative equipment sensors, software, signal communication, analytics, cloud storage and remote monitoring technologies.

When plants stop poring over terabytes of data and instead choose to see what really matters, the impossible becomes possible; the unknowable is now at their fingertips.

By partnering with Flowserve, oil and gas companies get the industry’s most experienced engineering minds in fluid motion control combined with our new program that turns physics into data, data into action, and action into results.

Welcome to the new reality.